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The Art and Science of Aging

The Art and Science of Aging

“Grow old with me!  The best is yet to be…” – Robert Browning

June 1, 2019 – Mr. Bungalow here of Durham Bungalows.  When Robert Browning published those words in 1864, aging was just something that happened, and while not always welcome, growing older in that time was seen as the inevitable toll time took on our bodies and there was little we could do about it.  Things have certainly changed. 

 I recently had a birthday and it got me thinking about how much more we know today about aging and the process of staving it off.  Science has been a great contributor to prolonging at least the appearance of youth but it’s also been invaluable in proving those activities we can undertake ourselves, that will allow us to fight the effects of aging and in some cases, reverse them. 

Here’s a great collection of internet articles on some of the beneficial actions we can take to preserve our vitality well into the autumn of our years. 

Benefits of Even Mild Exercise

 For those of you thinking of how to incorporate more physical exercise without having to join a gym, here’s a great article on how simple exercise can have far-reaching effects for our overall well-being.  Cardio and strength training are key, but are there better ways to get the benefits? 

Some Fresh Ideas on Exercise

Diet or Lifestyle?

There are few things you hear more about than diet these days.  Well, perhaps politics.  Whether dieting to lose weight or just making an improvement in our eating habits, everyone has at one time or another used diet to try to improve their quality of life.  One such diet that is really getting a lot of buzz these days is a Ketogenic Diet.  It’s not new; it was developed in the 1930s at the Mayo clinic, but millions have adapted this low carb, high fat diet as a lifestyle and are seeing the benefits. 

Ketogenetic Eating Explained

Mind-Body Connection in Aging

Diet and exercise are important in maintaining good health but what other factors does science see as important to aging well?  There’s much to be said about keeping the mind healthy in order to drive the body.  Here’s an article that adds a few more factors for consideration. 

Small Habits with Big Aging Impact

Calisthenics for Your Mind

Do you do crosswords?  Sudoku?  How about play bridge?  Well, all of these activities are terrific for helping preserve mental acuity in later life.  Here’s a great article from Harvard Health with 6 simple steps to help keep your mind active and healthy.  

Use It or Lose It - Keeping Your Mind Active

Has Your Home Become a House?

Change is inevitable in everyone’s life and change can have a positive effect on a person’s well-being.  Many of us fear change, but once that change has occurred, we wonder what it was we were afraid of.  Changes in lifestyle are often accompanied by a change in living situation.  If you find yourself rattling around a much too big house, or have difficulty or no enthusiasm for the upkeep of the property, why not explore alternatives?  Having a “wrong-size” house can drag you down at a time in your life when you should be free of encumbrances.  It may be keeping you from some life-affirming activities that may want to explore. 

Mr. Bungalow (Brian McRobert) at Durham has the inside scoop on “right-sizing”.   If you want to explore your options, call Brian or one of his associates to talk about your needs and where you see yourself in the near future.  He can make it happen. 

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